It does not seem to be consumer credit, but it is! Beware of debt

A leased car, a new smartphone linked to the subscription of a telephone operator, a key to connect to the internet, the cost of which is charged in monthly installments on the credit card: even if they may not seem like it, they are all consumer credit modes. Therefore, if for some reason we skip payment of an installment, the consequences are the same as when we skip the installment of any other loan.

To avoid unpleasant surprises when you need to get new credit, it is important to keep under control your creditworthiness and your debt in all its forms.

Accumulating many installments to pay, even if they are small, can be risky and send our finances out of control. The risk is that of over – indebtedness, which in some cases implies the danger of ending up in the hands of usury to try to obtain sufficient money to repay debts already contracted. Recourse to debt consolidation could be a hypothesis, but always carefully evaluated

We therefore evaluate our economic situation before deciding to sign a consumer credit agreement, whatever it is. If we believe that our situation allows us, we compare the offers on the market (analyzing contracts, real costs…) finding the best solution for us. Regularly registering your income and expenses will also allow us to have the situation even more under control.

We can also use dedicated consulting tools to keep our reliability under control and to manage debt, such as Mettinconto 365.

In a word, to live in serenity in the event of recourse to consumer credit: awareness!

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